Author: Olivia Justus

In Your Neighborhood

Introducing Marietta’s two newest K-9’s

By Olivia Justus, Photos by Lena Kalantzis A ball of brown and black fuzz flies through the open door, tripping over her leash. Phoenix’s tongue flops out of her mouth as she jumps on the entire news staff. Minutes later, a coat black as the night sky charges up the staircase with his large body […]

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The Scene

Aralyn’s Alliance Rocks shows support during Aralyn Slack’s Illness 

By Olivia Justus, Photos provided by Terri Crothers Terri Crothers slowly pushes the kayak into Brush Creek in Adams County. She hops on and ventures into the waters in search of 15 to 20 pounds of rocks to paint. Each rock is handpicked, hand washed and sanitized before Crothers brushes her first stroke of paint.  […]

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