Fall 2023


Athens Poet Laureate Stephanie Kendrick hosts monthly open mic for artists, poets and writers at the Import House as a way to connect people.
The Women of Appalachia Project’s Fine Arts Exhibition at Dairy Barn Continues to Grow. Hear about one of the paintings inside the Winter 2023 exhibition called “Partly Sunny” by Sarah Heink.
Ohio’s super fan Norm shows up to all the big games and whenever Miami comes to town he’s there. This year he was mic’ ed up for the rivalry game.

What do people think of Pumpkin the Cat? A walk around Athens interviewing students and residents of Athens and their opinions on him.

A podcast episode dedicated to the sounds of southeast Ohio, created by the creatures in the trees. Multimedia reporter Claire Geary has the details from the Sunday morning adventure.

Scott Thomas and Andrew Allison document their travel through the Ohio Art Corridor and their meeting with the main designer.

Whistler Ice Works is a family-run business out of Marietta, OH. Tyson Whistler and Kate Augenstein have been married for some time after they met in the foodservice industry. Whistlers’ passion for the industry and for the arts has led him to his extraordinary business carving ice for many huge clients.

Tampico Mexican Restaurant has been open for over two decades in Marietta, OH. They have prevailed through many hardships and stuck together as a family to continue to serve authentic food and keep good times rolling.

Samantha Garcia and Bo Kuhn explore the D&D Scene in and around Ohio University and see why people have come to love this game.

The Ohio Health Alliance is an important arm of the community which intertwines the healthcare system and the homes in southeast Ohio. Multimedia reporter Claire Geary brings you the details of the initiatives on the ground.

This cabin in the foothills of southeast Ohio features a woodsy, cozy, and story-filled getaway for guests to enjoy. Take a peek at one of the options hosted at Laurel Springs Farm, Cabin on the Hill.

Getting a close look at one of the biggest shelters and rehabilitation in Southeast Ohio.  Home to an abundance of cats and dogs with lots of amenities to make this place feel like home to many of these animals.

Sixth Sense Brewery displays what makes their unique menu and brews so popular.

Black Cat Vintage is an antique store unique to Cambridge, Ohio where shoppers are offered a wide range of items from one-of-a-kind vintage clothing to sports memorabilia.

Foraging is an obscure hobby that only the brave and curious take part in, as eating plants from the ground is bold and dangerous to some. However, Homer Elliot gives some insight as to why and how people do these things.

Reporter Sarah Donaldson and multimedia editor Bo Kuhn sat down to discuss their experience attending a JD Vance townhall in Marietta Ohio in February.

Hotel McArthur is in a time of uncertainty, as its residents are evicted and it’s set to be renovated. Multimedia Editor Bo Kuhn offers a look inside this historic Southeast Ohio landmark.