Where the wild things live

Written and Photos by Anna Millar

Concealed by the winding roads of Pedro, Ohio, is Barker Farm Zoo, an exotic oasis meant to share experiences with animals and wildlife education throughout the state. Kate Barker and her husband began the farm in 2016 with Daniel, their dromedary camel and first exotic addition. Since then, Barker has expanded her business to include a sloth, kangaroo, African porcupine, Capuchin monkey and boa constrictor, among other curious creatures. With an array of nonnative species, Barker’s focus and passion centers around providing education and viewing possibilities that may otherwise be impossible for children in Ohio.   

In a rare moment of singular focus Clyde peers into the lens with both eyes; a feat which is rare given chameleons’ natural ability to move each eye individually.  

Not everyone can take part in owning exotic animals; Barker had to obtain licensing from both the USDA and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to begin her business.