Ushering in a New Millennium – Y2K in Athens

The 2000s brought the turn of the century and celebrated Ohio’s bicentennial. A focus on technological developments, as well as efforts to preserve the past, were all part of Southeast Ohio magazine’s effort to connect the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Heritage businesses continued to thrive, including Wittich’s Candy Shop, formerly Wittich’s Fine Candies and Ice Cream Soda Fountain, a business bringing sweets to Circleville for 180 years. Another nod to the past was a look at The Columbus Washboard Company 

in Logan, manufacturer of handmade washboards and vintage laundry products—keeping the community clean since 1893. The feeling of fresh laundry never goes out of style.  

In 2003, Scott Hagan painted Ohio’s iconic red, white and blue bicentennial logoon barns across the state. Another story, based on interviews with 40 Ohioans, featured The Auglaize County Sesquicentennial Committee. The author said, “that the future would be marked by the same values that have endured for 200 years.” So far, so good.  

A cover of Southeast Ohio magazine from 2003.

This isn’t to say SEO couldn’t get trendy. An Amesville resident competed in the reality show, Project Runway, and eco-tourism arrived in Hocking Hills with a new zipline. SEO looked to the future with coverage on a community technical center in Marietta, and a story about the regional need for broadband internet.   

Favorite stories  

“A Dream Come Brew” (Winter 2003)   

Pawpaw homebrew pops up in the backyards of Ohio.  

“Cagin’ Shrimp” (Summer | Fall 2005)   

A shrimp farming business produces Ohio sourced seafood.  

“Reverence for Rights” (Summer | Fall 2005)   

Profile of Robert Graetz, pastor who participated in the Montgomery bus boycott.    

“Mission Apparition” (Spring 2006)   

SEO guides readers on a ghost hunt!  

“Prospect of Freedom,” (Spring 2008)  

Muskingum County mansion serves as stop on the Underground Railroad.  

Important dates  

  • 2003: Ohio celebrates Bicentennial  
  • 2007: New photospread appears in the back of the magazine  
  • 2009: First dedicated “web staff” appears in SEO masthead