One Way Ticket to the ‘90s

1990s highlights include the introduction of the internet, the start of the cult classic TV show “Friends” and catchy music people still belt out in their car on the way to work.  

SEO continued its emphasis on supporting local businesses, and profiled locals making it big outside of the region. Here’s a special shoutout to Earl Thomas Conley, a country music singer who made a ’90s SEO cover and made this writer’s research more fun.  

Active lifestyles and outdoor activities remained at the forefront. From ice skating to hunting, SEO encouraged readers to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, perhaps even more so, because of the rise of computers. Everyone was obsessed with this big invention called “the internet.” 

As the world wide web took off, so did coverage of this new technology. Service sections included guides to internet surfing, and ways to find information ranging from genealogy records to local recipes—such as Louise Myers’ pawpaw bread recipe, which I am desperate to make.  

Fun sections of the magazine included “Guides” and “Backroads.” “Guides” was the reader’s go-to handbook for all things Southeast Ohio. The section included a calendar of events, restaurant reviews, and things to do on the weekend. “Backroads” was a fun, personal essay at the back of the magazine. My favorite was “Bigfoot on My Mind,” which details writer Chuck Webb’s quest to find the Appalachian Sasquatch.  

Favorite Stories

OU What Do We Do Now (Summer | Fall 1991)  

A lighthearted piece about how to live it up at Ohio University (Athens). 

Researching Family History (Summer | Fall 1994) 

How to research genealogy using library records.  

House of Hemp (Summer | Fall 1995)  

Changing public attitudes about hemp and hemp-based products.  

Ancient Religions Come Full Circle (Spirituality Issue Summer | Fall 1996)  

Details the life and beliefs of pagans, Wiccans and witches.  

Santa’s Elves (Winter 1996) 

A good-spirited piece about Meigs County bikers who hold a Christmas toy drive.     


1996: Chillicothe turns 200  

1998: SEO gets a website 

1999: OHIO journalism program celebrates 75th anniversary