Johnstown Restaurant offers Handcrafted Food and Furniture

The Ghostwriter Public House restaurant came to Johnstown November 2019 but has since become a staple. Offering a modern take on classic American dishes by using locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant suits the quaint village it serves. 

Chef Brett Fife compares the atmosphere of Ghostwriter to the food he prepares each night—refined, but rustic. Furnishing choices by  Crow Works furniture, the parent company of Ghostwriter, both owned by Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer, highlights the “overall mood” of the establishment. For the Blankemeyers, Ghostwriter is not only a passion project, but a showroom for their handcrafted furniture.  

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Fife, who spent much of his career in Columbus, believes Ghostwriter is set apart from other eateries because of the ownership by Crow Works, which allows for a unique experience for potential Crow Works clients. Instead of simply viewing a catalog, clients can go to Ghostwriter to see tangible examples of the furniture quality. 

 The opening of Ghostwriter not only serves as a unique step for Crow Works, but also as an investment in the local community, Fife says. The Johnstown-scene has allowed Fife to find appreciation for the community within his team. 

Whether it be the double-patty, aged cheddar Smashburger or the barbeque spiced salmon, Ghostwriter strives to bring people together through excellent food in a comfortable environment.  

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Ghostwriter also works as an ally to businesses across Ohio by purchasing local ingredients. With chicken from Radnor and eggs from Copia, Fife says the big focus of his menu is to highlight the high-quality, responsibly raised ingredients.   

“The more that we can support [local business owners], the more people support us—it helps everybody,” he says. “A rising tide lifts all boats—if we’re successful, it makes a lot of other people successful.”