A Heap of Hospitality

If you’re craving some of the best comfort food in Ohio, look no further. The Olde Dutch Restaurant and its menu will show you why they are so good. 

The restaurant opened in 1994 in Logan. Its menu was inspired by the Amish traditions that are rooted in Southeast Ohio. The Amish communities and traditions can still be found in the Hocking Hills area. And what better way to embrace those traditions than having a restaurant that reflects their heritage in the area.  

After the restaurant opened in 1994, Mike Erb bought it in 1997. Erb has been the owner and general manager of the Olde Dutch Restaurant ever since.  

Olde Dutch Restaurant

He is an advocate of keeping Amish traditions in the area considering “a good percentage of recipes on our menu” are Amish based. There are two ways to order at this restaurant: straight off the menu or buffet style, although most people consider the buffet the go-to option. 

The restaurant itself is a plain white building with “The Olde Dutch Restaurant” displayed above the entrance. After walking in through the gift shop, customers will notice that the buffet is where most of the food is served.   

The buffet option is paired with a small menu for those with a different preference. Most of the meals that can be ordered here are classics that the restaurant has perfected such as chicken wings and burgers.  

Even with these options, regular customer Hershel Ledford says, “If I had to describe the chicken livers in one word, it would be ‘delicious.’”  

The Olde Dutch Restaurant isn’t super flashy, and it doesn’t have to be. It just needs to be good, which is exactly what it is. Quality food and a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere are what keep customers coming back, and that’s why Erb and his restaurant are doing so well. 

The Olde Dutch Restaurant hosts many private parties as well. “We host everything from wedding receptions to business meetings,” Erb says. Private parties are a way to bring people together. The Olde Dutch Restaurant provides some classic, home-cooked meals that make everyone happy.  

Erb and his employees try to make their guests feel at home which is why they offer buffet packages specific for banquets and large groups of people. 

Olde Dutch Restaurant

Many customers who come to the restaurant are regulars. These people like the food so much that they just keep coming back. Some of them even make it part of their weekly routine, such as Mary Yantes who says that sometimes she eats there after church on Sundays.  

For a place like this, it is easy to see why these people want to come back. A buffet that is comprised of such good food is a no-brainer. 

If customers are satisfied after their meals, they can hit the gift shop and get something to remember their meal with. The gift shop is pretty sizable with lots of things you can buy for children all the way up to adults ranging from jellies and jams to candles and beyond. 


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