4H Youth Development and Ohio County Fairs

4H collaborates with local Ohio county fairs, to engage children in science and agriculture programs.

For more than a century the 4H Youth Development organization has been curating programs engaging children across America with agriculture and science. The organization offers everything from healthy living classes, science courses, community and leadership programs. While 4H has camps, clubs and afterschool projects, the organization is also present throughout various summer events and county fairs, several of these taking place in Ohio. County fairs across Ohio draw thousands of spectators from near and far. Each fair represents what is unique about its local community and offers a variety of entertainment and adventure for visitors of all ages; you are ensured to get a peek into what—and more so, who—makes a community quite its own. Visit one of the many fairs throughout the state of Ohio, and get a chance to explore and engage with local people; pet the local farm animals, join the arts and crafts workshops, prepare delicious and local food and much more.

The Vinton County Fair, McArthur, July 25-30.

At the Vinton County Fairs visitors are guaranteed a couple of fun-fueled days, with adrenalin-pumping experiences; from demolition derbies, go-kart racing to truck pulling. Watch both kids and grown-ups operate large vehicles, whether on the race tract or as they plow up dirt roads. For fun and laughs, go see the local magician perform, as he pills mesmerizing tricks from his cowboy hat, or visit one of the many stages where local artists carve wood or paint large wall murals with help from the visitors. Enjoy food made with homegrown ingredients, while listening to the fine tunes of local bands of various genres; whether you prefer country, bluegrass or gospel, there is something for everyone.

Pike County Fair, Piketon, July 31-August 6.

This year marks the 107th annual county fair in Piketon, OH. The fair works in close collaboration with 4H to educate and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle among youths and adults in Piketon. The fair is a great opportunity to have close encounters with a range of farm animals, while learning about farm life, food sustainability and agriculture. By partnering up with the 4H organization, the Pike County Fair wishes to empower and encourage children to partake in positive changes within the food industry and agriculture.

Ross County Fair, Chillicothe, August 6-13.

Each year, thousands of visitors travel to Chillicothe to participate in the annual Ross County Fair. The fairgrounds hold a vibrant history, with the first fair taking place almost 200 years ago; in 1833. Back then, the fair was an opportunity for local business men to compete and showcase their tools and animals, however today, the fair has become a whole lot more; in collaboration with more than 100 4H clubs, the fair attracts guests from guest from all over Ohio, and some even from out of state, who come to participate in the many events and workshops held throughout the week. The fair entails livestock exhibits, art competitions, move nights, flower shows and cooking classes. The options are endless, and families are ensured a memorable experience, that will surely draw the back the following many years.


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