Meet the SEO Team

Emily McIntyre: Editor-In-Chief

Emily is a senior Journalism major (News & Information track) from Westlake, Ohio. She is graduating this spring with a French minor and duo-specialization in English and Nutrition. Emily has interned for West Life & The Press Newspapers, Cleveland Magazine and HGTV Magazine. She has no plans yet after graduation, but she hopes to work for a lifestyle magazine in New York City in the near future.

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Adam McConville: Managing Editor

Adam McConville is a junior studying journalism at Ohio University. He is currently publisher and associate editor of Backdrop magazine, a student-produced lifestyle publication covering Ohio University and the surrounding area. Next year, he will work as the managing editor for Backdrop. He has also worked as an editorial assistant at Ohio University Press following an internship there in fall 2015.

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ABLE to Succeed
What the frack
Sweeter with Time


Alexandra Greenberg: Deputy Editor & Writer

Alex is an Ohio University junior studying journalism with a minor in English. She is also copy chief, managing editor and a writer for Backdrop magazine. The Pittsburgh native is so excited to see the hard work she and her peers have put into Southeast Ohio come together into a beautiful finished product.

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Priced Out
I Do, OU


Andrew Cohen: Writer

Andrew Cohen is a sports journalist from Nyack, New York expecting to graduate from Ohio University this May. He has served as a sports writer for The Athens News and previously interned at the daily NYC newspaper amNewYork. His passions include writing, people and baseball and he is in pursuit of a career that can combine all three.

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Doug Taylor has a special fan in the stands
Landon Donovan preaches patience with U.S. soccer progress


Austin Lifante: Writer

Austin Linfante is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University and is currently the opinion editor for The New Political, where he was previous the managing editor and campus editor. He has also done work for Cleveland Scene Magazine and Tech Heads, and he has works published in The Athens News and Omnic Core. When not writing or editing, he enjoys baseball, video games and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Follow him on Twitter at the handle @AuLinfante

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Black at Ohio University
Feb. 1 ‘Sanctuary’ protest arrests numbers rank with past protests
In the Face of Skyrocketing Tuition and Debt, Hope is Found in Many Places

Erin Fausel: Writer

Hi, friends! My name is Erin Fausel and I’m a News and Information Journalism major. In the upcoming Summer/Fall issue of SEO I’m writing about chocolates and a grocery store that is little piece of Athens history— two of my favorite things. I’m also the Fashion Week Coordinator and a writer for Thread, the longest standing online fashion publication on campus. Check out some of my clips and be sure to keep scrolling for more work from my incredibly talented SEO colleagues!

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Thread Magazine Oct. 2016 (pp. 202-207)
Thread Magazine Dec. 2015 (pp. 206-211)


Dorothy Kramer: Digital Editor

I’m a senior news and info major, with an retail merchandising and fashion product development minor and a certificate in political communications. I’ve interned at, Street Sense (a paper focused on homelessness and poverty in D.C.), a style guru at and a high school intern at Carroll County Times in Maryland (my home state!) Upon graduation, I hope to get a full time job in magazines (preferably editing, but I’m flexible).

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National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference Find No “One Size Fits All” Solution
District Youth Have a Fairy Godmother


Emma Jenkins: Features Editor & Writer

My name is Emma. I’m a senior in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism (news and information) with a specialization in creative writing and political science. I believe storytelling has the power to spark social action, and I’m determined to do just that. I enjoy writing profiles and features on individuals who offer insight on a variety of topics. Telling these stories with integrity and enthusiasm allows conversation to continue and can alter the way people perceive the world.

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 Simply an Ohio Band
Strength from Within
The Sound Crowd


Haley Dake: Digital Editor

Haley is a digital editor at Southeast Ohio Magazine. She is a senior news and information journalism student who is currently working towards graduating with a certificate in social media studies at the end of summer 2017. She currently writes an opinion column for The Post, and has previously written for The New Political, Backdrop Magazine, and The Athens Messenger. She coaches volleyball in Athens and has a small puppy named Otis that she is obsessed with.

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Bat Rally protestors fight against president’s new home
Space University launches high-flying fun at OU Airport


Heather Willard: Department Editor & Writer 

Heather is the Talking Points editor at Southeast Ohio Magazine, and a senior in the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, focusing on news and information. She writes for several publications, including The New Political, College Green Magazine, The Liberty News, and OU’s PBIO department. In her spare time she can be found in the dance studio, on a photo hike, or cooking for her friends.

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Nearly 200 people hit the bricks to protest Trump inauguration
Heather Willard WordPress
Rally against sexual assault demands Escobedo’s removal

Jessica Sees: Writer

Jessica Sees is an online media journalist based out of Athens, Ohio. She’s covered topics ranging from Islamophobia to mental health issues. Her favorite topics to cover include media ethics, feminism and mental health news. When she’s not writing, she’s keeping up on politics, reading, playing with her pup or advocating for the triumphant return of the Oxford comma.

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John (Yanni) Tsangeos: Department Editor & Writer

Writer, student, journalist, bookworm, Ohioan, late morning riser, Donkey Coffee goer, movie aficionado, procrastinator, St. Louis Cardinals fan, nocturnal animal, egalitarian, Luddite, Z fighter, earthling, Bobcat, friend.

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Turnaround Community Outreach continues holiday tradition
‘Blind Spot’ offers new take on art exhibit

Kate Keverline: Deputy Editor & Writer

Kate Keverline is an Ohio University junior in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She also studies social media and women and gender sexuality studies. On campus, Kate writes for OHIO Compass, is the editor-in-chief of Odyssey, and performs in a theater company. This summer, Kate will be graduating early and moving to Washington, D.C. to intern for a non-profit communications organization.

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Bush family lessens student’s financial burdens
“Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” Exhibits A News Genre Of Musical Freedom


Kayla Beard: Digital Editor

Kayla Beard is a Senior from Kalamazoo, Michigan studying journalism at Ohio University. Her favorite hobbies include singing, web coding and, of course, writing. Kayla plans to graduate in April, and will be working this summer as an intern for the Columbus Dispatch.

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Foundation Representation
What Would You Wear: Chief of Style?


Kellen Becoats: Writer

My name is Kellen Becoats and I am a multimedia journalist who is looking to focus on sports in the future. While sports aren’t the most important thing in the world, I think they are something that bind billions of people around the planet to one another and something that can open doors to exploring more important issues is our society. I have previously worked for Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated Kids and the Columbus Dispatch and I hope to continue writing stories that open people’s minds to the vast amount that sports have to offer.

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One Lucky Kid’s Olympic Dream Becomes a Reality
A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Barcelona fans in Los Angeles

Kim Barlag: Creative Director

Kim is serving as the Creative Director of Southeast Ohio magazine. She is a graduate student in the VisCom Media Management program and is the Director of Communication and Design Management at The Patton College of Education. She has a B.A. in English from OHIO and has had a long career in journalism and communications. Recently, she created a video documentary and time lapse of the renovation of The Patton College’s McCracken Hall.

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McCracken Hall Renovation Documentary and Timelapse
Happy Day Infographic

Kirsten Kueser: Designer & Writer

Kirsten Kueser is a writer and designer for Southeast Ohio Magazine. Kirsten’s love for journalism comes from the desire to share the stories of those who may not have the chance to be heard. Kirsten is especially interested in writing pieces regarding social justice, queer politics, and media criticism. After graduating from the Scripps School at Ohio University Kirsten plans on pursuing a career in magazine journalism.

 Kirsten has previously done freelance work for Society of Grownups and has helped publish The BRAIN, an undergraduate literary magazine.

Kylie Souder: Department Editor & Writer

I’m a 22 year old, five foot tall, perpetually early senior studying journalism at the Ohio University E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I’ll be graduating in April with my Bachelor of Science in Journalism with minors in marketing, as well as fashion merchandising. I have experience in public relations, editorial writing and editing, event planning and also business development. I have an extensive internship background in a variety of tasks from on boarding new clients, recruiting campus ambassadors, writing for publications, and researching and inputting media analytics, drafting blog content, and creating brand content across all platforms.


Laura Garotti: Writer

My passion for storytelling and journalism started with my high school photo classes. I eventually focused on photographing graffiti in São Paulo, Brazil while visiting family. In doing so, I learned the political impact that the murals had on the community. I eventually wrote a short essay about the artists and their work, which sparked my interest in journalistic writing. I spent a year copy editing for The Post, and a summer writing and photographing for the Southern Ohio Copperheads, a summer collegiate-level baseball team.

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Copperhead gifts a home run for Father’s Day
Albany youth inspired by local baseball team


Madison Eblen: Department Editor & Writer

Madison Eblen is a junior at Ohio University where she is majors in Journalism and Spanish with minors in Business Administration and Film and Global Leadership Certificate.  She is a web editor for Backdrop Magazine, as well as president of OU’s Spanish Club and a student teacher for Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools where she teaches Spanish once a week to students. After graduation, Madison hopes to take part in a teacher prep program like Teach for America and continue in a career focused on education and youth development.

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Following Big Footsteps
Life of the Political Party

Michelle Jacobson: Department Editor & Writer

My name is Michelle Jacobson. I have a degree in Journalism, along with a specialization in Health and Nutrition. I served as a department editor and a writer for Southeast Ohio Magazine. I have always had a passion for writing and sharing stories about those in the local community. When I’m not writing, I love spending time with my friends and family, as well as traveling.

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Looking Through a Different Lens
Oxygen therapy give local man new lease on life


Michelle Mwuara: Social Media Coordinator

Michelle is a graduating senior at Ohio University who has a position as a digital coordinator for Y&R PR in Manhattan starting in May. Throughout her college career she has always had a passion for people, talking to them, listening and helping come up with solutions to their problems. In the future she hopes to continue work in public relations and her dream job is to be the director of communications for a firm.


Robert McGraw: Photographer & Photo Editor

Robert McGraw is a School of Visual Communication master’s candidate at Ohio University. Robert works at WOUB as a photographer and assignment editor that covers events from all over southeast Ohio. For his undergrad, he attended Berea College where he worked for Berea’s PR department as head photographer his entire time at Berea and his images were published in several of their publications, most notably Berea College’s Alumni magazine. Robert has traveled all over the United States and Europe photographing everything from commercial to photojournalism and spent several years in broadcast journalism. After leaving Ohio University he hopes to work in higher-education.

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One Champion’s Journey
ROTC Survivor Water Training
Berea College Magazine

Zane Parsons: Department Editor & Writer

I am currently a senior studying broadcast journalism. I have a strong passion for entertainment news and after graduation I hope to work for a major network. I have a minor in marketing, a certificate in social media and I am currently an active member of a fraternity here on campus as well.