UpGrade Athens works to make an impact on community

UpGrade Athens is an¬†initiative that Athens County has decided to pursue to make the community more sustainable in a multitude of ways. According to the program’s website, UpGrade Athens aims to “raise the energy IQ of Athens County as a whole, increase efficiency, and lower the amount spent out of pocket on utilities.”

Young people are particularly fired up about the issues surrounding environmentalism and bettering our planet, so it would be very valuable for UpGrade Athens to reach out to the environmentally conscious students at Ohio University and gain their support. The Ohio University Sierra Student Coalition created a petition back in February to cut the university’s investments in fossil fuel usage. The group encouraged¬†“Likers” of UpGrade Athens County’s Facebook page to sign the petition and help in their efforts to withdraw university funding from such activities and invest in more “socially-responsible” initiatives to ensure the well-being of students.

As of March 24, 2016, the petition has garnered 626 signatures, but the OUSSC is still 374 short of its 1,000-signature goal. Signers were encouraged to leave reasons as to why they decided to support the petition:

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Nowadays, everyone knows what a key role social media plays not only in one’s daily life, but also in the success and outreach of any business or organization. Unfortunately, UpGrade Athens hasn’t utilized the tools they have to the best of their ability. Sure, they have a social media presence, but is it active and thriving and¬†giving people a reason to even follow them and engage in discussion? No.

In order for UpGrade Athens to become more successful so they can make a bigger impact on the community, it must update its social media and improve the way it uses those platforms.} else {

Lauren Young
Lauren is a senior journalism major at Ohio University who's from Akron, Ohio. As an avid Cleveland Cavaliers fan, she hopes to break into sports journalism and write the compelling long-form pieces she loved reading as a kid.

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