The Athens Farmers Market: From the Vendor to your Table

As the semester draws to a close, the Athens Unearthed team is putting the final touches on their last stories. Author Taylor Alexander has spent the semester going behind the scenes of the Athens Farmers Market.

As a starting point Alexander reached out to several of the vendors at the Farmers Market in order to become familiar with them and the products they sell. After establishing a connection, she went on to create interactive charts that illustrated the products offered and their quantities

Continuing her research, Alexander spoke with members of the Athens Farmers Market Marketing and Communications team about their effort to bridge the gap between vendors and consumers with their Know Your Vendor campaign. As part of the campaign, the team blogs about different vendors each month.

As her final article, Alexander has chosen to profile Judy Jenkinson. To find out how this former nurse began serving the Athens farming and gardening community, check back for Alexander’s story on the journey from vendor to your table.

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Kierra Cotton
Kierra is a senior journalism student at Ohio University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, reality TV, and Youtube.

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