Ohio marijuana supporters continue to argue on social media

Despite an unsuccessful attempt to legalize marijuana in Ohio, supporters of the issues are back working toward changing the policy one year later.

The debate over the issue has focused on the idea of what is better, or more realistic, for the state. A bill that would fully legalization marijuana or one that is simply focused on allowing medical marijuana.

Competing plans within the state are being debated heavily on social media. Legalize Ohio 2016 was pushing for a bill to fully legalize marijuana in Ohio, while the Marijuana Policy Project is pushing for a bill that would simply make medical marijuana legal.

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The group Legalize Ohio 2016 was pushing for a bill to fully legalize marijuana in Ohio, while the Marijuana Policy Project is pushing for a bill that would simply make medical marijuana legal.

Because of the dispute between supporters of the three efforts on social media, I created a two Twitter polls one that was directed at Marijuana Policy Project and the other that was directed toward Legalize Ohio 2016.

Marijuana Policy Project retweeted the effort and in less than a week more 201 people voted. Only three people voted in the poll directed at Legalize Ohio 2016. Of the 204 total votes there were 122 people who believe the competing bills will not influence the chance of any of the three ultimately being successful.


In addition to the Twitter poll, I posted a direct question on Facebook to both organizations attempting to get more detailed comments about their opinion regarding the ultimate odds of passage.

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I received 36 comments on the Legalize Ohio 2016 page. Overall the responses were mostly pessimistic about medicinal marijuana.


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Marijuana supporters are divided over supporting a medical marijuana bill or continue to push for full legalization.


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Yet others are more focused on what they consider to be the more reasonable bill to work toward passage.

The two efforts from Legalization Ohio 2016 and Marijuana Policy Project each have their share of supporters.

Yet they also have their critics. Those against Legalize Ohio complain about a lack of organization and have an expectation they will leave the cause. These type of complaints might have been part of what lead Legalize Ohio to eventually halt their efforts.

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However, the MPP bill is being criticized because it is being promoted by a national organization that is being compared to those who supported the failed 2015 marijuana legalization bill because of restrictions on who can grow marijuana.

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Despite two new efforts for legalization there are still those who are upset the 2015 bill, Ohio Senate Bill 3 failed.

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The previous marijuana effort, Ohio Senate Bill 3, failed with more than 60 percent of voters against it. Even those who are supporting the 2016 bill are against the effort from 2015.

In addition, the Marijuana Policy Project is supporting an effort to simply legalize medical marijuana in the state and refers to the 2015 initiative as controversial.

Some who support marijuana do not like the provisions of the medical marijuana bill because it limits the number of places where the plant can be grown.

The third effort, organized by ARC Reaction is lobbying Ohio’s legislators vote tolegalized medical marijuana. The group at this point does not have significant social media presence.

As the groups push toward the election in November, the question remains what the opinion is of those who are not active in the effort. The hope is to keep the conversation going on social media and include those who are both for and against the proposed bills.

Anyone who is interested should either comment on this story or on Twitter using the #marijuanaohio2016.

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