Dotting the Ts, Crossing the Ys

Athens Unearthed is finally locked and loaded. However, Athens Unearthed is also almost over as its entire staff is soon to graduate and leave it behind.

Nostalgia aside, this is an important time for the newsroom to come together and polish the final product.

In an iterative and ongoing news site, this is never really a step executed. Newer, more honed materials gradually bury all the shoddy craftsmanship of the early days.

However, given Athens Unearthed’s limited life span, running and hiding won’t work, so today we go back and smooth out the edges.

Today, we go back and breathe some action into the titles that need it. Today, we hyperlink relevant stories together to optimize audience engagement. Today we add some flair to the ledes, double check proper noun spellings and we cross out every extraneous ‘that.’

In the classic children’s novel (and later feature film) Holes, Zero works to dig a perfect 5x5x5 hole everyday while in juvenile detention. Every boy has to dig a hole, and the supervisors demand the proper volume, but only Zero cares about the aesthetics of the hole.

Why? Because he knows he’s working on hard on the hole, so he might as well make it perfect.

All the reporters at Athens Unearthed are soon to sprawl out around the country and begin their own lives and careers in the media industry. Athens Unearthed may be one of the many places we leave in our dust, but we’re here and we worked hard on it.

Today, we ensure the perfection of our prosperity before we all move on to bigger and better things. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

Jake Zuckerman

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