Design Crash Course Gets Staff Up to Speed

Our staff comes from all different kinds of backgrounds and has a wide variety of skills, but there is quite a bit that we can learn from each other. Web development and website design are not fields that many of us are necessarily super familiar with. This past Thursday designer Luca Wistendahl gave the rest of the staff a detailed look at several aspects of site building.

He taught us about WordPress child themes, what they are, what goes into them and the basics of creating and using them.

In addition to learning about child themes on WordPress, we also continued to work on our stories. Initially, we had hoped to get our stories up sooner, but as the saying goes, “few things in life ever go as planned.” However, the slight delay we experienced has not stalled our efforts, and we are working to make up for lost time.  At this point, nearly all of our staff’s first story components are completed and edited, so they should be up on the site within the next few days.

In fact, we have already published eight stories this week, and there are still plenty more to come. So make sure you stay tuned because there is plenty of compelling work coming your way, and it would be a shame if you missed it.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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Michael Drapcho
Michael is an aspiring journalist at Ohio University striving to tell compelling stories.

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