Analyzing websites for creative motivation

Throughout the course of the semester, each student has presented a website that’s either a good or poor example of convergence. Convergence, for our purposes, is the intersection of multiple media elements to tell a complete story.

Analyzing websites has helped us gain insight on how we can improve our audience engagement and site presentation. For example, we look at how a video, photo slideshow or interactive graphic complements a particular story on a news site. We look at how other websites utilize social media and comment sections to see what ways AU can improve too.

Interactivity, as you know, is the main goal of our site. We’re constantly striving to deliver excellent content that’s engaging for you. If you find a story you like or think is done particularly well, let us know. If you think we can add certain multimedia elements to create a better experience for you, let us know that too. We regularly update our stories and our site.

This site is for you, and we want to produce it how you want to read it. If you haven’t already, follow our social media sites to stay updated and engaged at @ATNUnearthed.

Emily Daffron
Emily is a senior journalism student at Ohio University. If she's not caught up in schoolwork, she's painting her nails or reading her horoscope.

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