Athens Humanitarianism

By Brenda Evans

Those that make our community a better place are extra busy this week. Hunters have donated more than 100-thousand pounds of venison to food assistance programs across the state. The extra meat has helped to feed numerous people within and outside Athens County. With both a large hunting population and with over a quarter of population under the poverty line, Athens is sure to see both ends of the program. The donations come from the Hunters Feeding the Hungry program, a non-profit that also collaborates with farmers.

With the screening of the film “Boys and Men Healing”  on Tuesday, a national group called Male Survivor spoke against male sexual victimization. This often suppressed topic is too real of an issue too ignore. The event encourage awareness of sexual abuse and for people to not think of only women as victims. The film is being shown statewide as part of the sexual abuse awareness and prevention month.

Passion Works Studio will be hosting its Second Annual Passion Works Cake Auction to raise money for the studio. The studio supports the collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities to create art pieces such as flowers,  jewelry, ornaments and greeting cards. The collaborations create amazing friendships and amazing art. The event will be held at The Market on State on May 12th from 10am to 3pm.

Athens Community Gardens

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